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Drawing and reading has always been my favourite pasttime and in recent years I’ve been trying to combine those two passions by developing my skills in communicating visually and interpreting words into images. How can the illustrations complement or expand the written text?

I took a class at Mid Sweden University called Illustrating Picture Books and that definitely left me wanting more. One of my art goals is to illustrate children’s books. Nature, animals and science are also a passion of mine and I spend several years at uni studying biology and ethology. My dream project is to illustrate non-fiction books about animals and nature, preferably whole biomes and scenes.

Bucket List

Bucket List = All the cool things I want to do! So basically, if you hit me up with an awesome book project or a scientific publication that needs some illustrations, my response will be: “When do we start?!”

  • Story driven picture books
  • Scientific books for kids
  • Natural history illustrations
  • Infographics/illustrations for milk cartons or magazines
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