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Want to get in contact with me? Easiest way is to send an email hello(a)
Vill du komma i kontakt med mig? Lättaste sättet är att skickat ett email till hello(a)

Price list and contitions for portraits
Price list and contitions for logotypes

For commercial illustrations and other fun things, please send an email.


Q: How much does a portrait cost?
A: It depends on the technique, size and how fast you need it. Check out the price list here

Q: Do you have a waiting list for commissions?
A: At the moment, no. The reason is that commissions are not my main occupation and I will only take on a few when I have an opening in my schedule.

Q: Can you create some graphics for my social media? I have a big following and it will be good exposure for you.
A: Sure I can. It’ll still cost actual money since I can’t pay my bills with exposure.

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