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Hej! My name is Lovisa Kallerhult and I work as an illustrator, artist and creator of things. I was born and raised in Södermanland, Sweden but nowadays you can find me in my Room of Requirement (art studio/home office) or roaming the woods in Västra Götaland, most likely in the company of my partner, dog and two children.

I have a part time day job where I write articles about animals and talk about pet nutrition which, besides art, probably is the thing I am most passionate about. By my side you will most likely find my sidekick Sisu, an Australian Shepherd. She is the best.

I create videos of my life as a freelance artist, professional dog cuddler and mum over at Patreon and YouTube. You are more than welcome to check them out. I am more active on Patreon than on YouTube but there is a lot of content to binge watch if you feel up for it.

Thank you for stopping by!

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